Cable Tie Guns & Crimping Tools Cable Tie Guns & Crimping Tools

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Pack Size
CTGSTD Nylon 66 Cable Tie Gun
dhcc Fastening Cable Tie Gun
cable-tie-gun Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun (Heavy Duty)
Crimping Tool Ratchet Crimping Tool
Crimp-Kit02 Ratchet Crimping Set

Stainless Steel Cable Tie Gun is a tensioning device or tool that is used to apply a cable tie with a specific degree of tension. The tool may cut off the excess Cable Tie with the head in order to avoid a sharp edge which might otherwise cause injury. Some applications require that a Cable Tie Gun is used, due to requiring a specific tension to meet specific standards and requirements. Suitable for cable ties 4.6mm to 7.9mm width & high quality construction for long service life.’

Nylon cable Tie Guns Metal construction, very strong, durable & Comfortable handle with a lever action and easy to use for fastening & auto cutting off nylon cable ties.
For all sizes of nylon cable ties particular Red Cable Tie Gun does large cable ties with a thickness from 2.3mm and widths up to 9.5 mm. The Blue Cable Tie Gun does cable ties does widths from 2.4mm to 4.8mm.

After many years of product development and research, we now have the best value for money for high quality cable tie guns in Australia. Our cable tie guns exceed all the required standards for most countries & they have a 12 month warranty.